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Exchange your driving data through Cryptomiles and become a powerful link in the chain of connected cars, generating and receiving value from: insurers, automakers, service providers, smart city planners and many others. Cryptomiles is the mobility utility token of                    
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Only transactions of people registered in KYC will be accepted.

DriveOn Partners

B3 is one of the leading financial market infrastructure companies in the world. B3 relies on Foresee, B3's market innovation program. She believes in great ideas that drive companies and entrepreneurs, moving the market toward the future and bringing the future closer to everyone.

CNseg (National Confederation of General Insurance Companies, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization) and Associated Associations (FenSeg, FenaPrevi, FenaSaúde and FenaCap) formed the holding company CNsegPar with the objective of supporting companies that can bring solutions originals in order to offer increasingly innovative and personalized products to the Insurance market.

A Fundação CERTI é uma organização de pesquisa, desenvolvimento e serviços tecnológicos que desenvolve produtos, sistemas e processos por meio de seus Centros de Referência em Tecnologias Inovadoras, trabalhando em sinergia e cooperação com entidades parcerias do país e do exterior. 

Darwin Startups is one of the main accelerators in Brazil. Formed by a team of professionals, companies and top-level mentors, Darwin Startups seeks companies in the early stages and potentiates their journey through agile methodologies, networking with large corporations, mentoring with great entrepreneurs and C-Level professionals, and a unique mindset , which aligns the spirit of innovation with entrepreneurship.

We present the

The mobility project that rewards your vehicle health data and driving behavior with Utility Tokens allocated in Ethereum. Save your mobility data in the blockchain to negotiate fair prices on insurance policies, resell the car, and gain benefits with multiple DriveOn partners. That way, you not only help the future of mobility in our country, but you are also rewarded for this collaboration, and you can use the cryptomiles tokens in the future even on your next fuel purchase.

The problem



of traffic accidents in Brazil are due to human failure.

41.151 dead

in traffic accidents only in 2017

284.191 invalid people

in traffic accidents only in 2017
The biggest problem in traffic is behavior. 98% of traffic accidents in Brazil are due, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), to human error. And this impacts not only on Auto Insurance but also on society as a whole. In 2017 alone, Brazil recorded 41,151 deaths, in addition to 284,191 invalid persons, due to traffic accidents. Losing lives is losing the greatest asset of a society. That is why we need a project that aims to reduce this serious traffic accident rate, making it healthier
Through the powerful combination of Telemetry, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Blockchain

We want to empower drivers with strategic information about their mobility and get them driving perfection. And for that, we'll engage them by rewarding your information with Cryptomiles, the Drive Token Utility. With it you access the platform and consume all the available services of DriveOn. By plugging our hardware into the vehicle, you'll be able to generate your digital assets as you send your mobility data to the platform. Learn about the benefits of the Cryptomiles token:

Excellence in

steering wheel

A real coach in the palm of your hand! You will receive guidance from our intelligence to perfect your driving. In addition, your mobility information will generate a driving score that will be recorded in blockchain, giving the Sguradoras an opportunity to offer a fair discount on the Insurance policy.

Vehicle Health

You can monitor the vehicle's health in real time, avoiding being caught unawares and saving on corrective costs. And with the car health information stored in the blockchain, you will have a certification of your car's history to use it, for example, in negotiating the sale of the vehicle, making the transaction fair to both sides.

Platform access

In addition to having all your mobility information secure in the blockchain, your access to the platform for queries and registered reports, as well as receiving personalized offers from partners, will be available 24 hours a day. Generate your Cryptomiles tokens and use them at ease on our platform.

Acquisition of new tokens

The more mobility information you send to our platform through the hardware with our telemetry intelligence, the more Cryptomiles tokens you receive as a reward. And the better the driving score, the better the bonus of cryptomiles.

DriveOn Hardware

The hardware has Harman technology. You can order by order from the DriveOn website. Remember that the purchase of hardware is only made with Ethereum. However, if in the period of our ICO you make a purchase of Cryptomiles with a value from 5 ETHER, we will send free hardware to your address as recognition for your support of the project!

Cryptomiles after ICO

After installing the hardware and begin transmitting the data to our platform, you automatically begin to accumulate Cryptomiles tokens that will give you access to all the benefits of the platform. In addition, part of the project is the alignment of the use of the tokens in several partners of DriveOn. As partnerships are closed, discounts will automatically appear in the platform's marketplace. There are many mobility services that can be part of the Cryptomiles ecosystem. Get to know just a few of the many that are in the Cryptomiles project roadmap:


You will be able to pay for part or all of your review with the tokens accumulated with the partner dealers of the DriveOn platform.

Gas station

The tokens can be converted to fuel and you can refuel at authorized service stations.

Charitable donations

Social projects can benefit from their tokens through a simple transfer via application.


In addition to discounts for good steering behavior, you can further increase the policy's amortization by using the accumulated tokens.

Car dealers

When it's time to move the car forward, sell for the right price. Use your tokens to generate a reliable report of the use of your vehicle.

ICO Offer

The token offer will be in seven stages: all stages will be for sale publicly, with discounts beginning with 90% in the first stage. The value is a real gift because the design is a great gift for all of us!

Tokens not sold in the previous stages will be transferred to the next stage. And the sale of tokens will automatically go to the next stage when the tokens are exhausted in the previous stage.

Reinforcing the message, for those who contribute from 5 Ether, will receive at home 1 free dongle to start transforming their own driving data into more tokens! But this offer is valid only for Brazil. The chip with the data plan is not included in the offer.

25  November/2018 - 20  January/2019

Stage 1 - USD 0,01 (90% OFF) 

21 January - 28  February/2019

Stage 2 - US $ 0,02 (80% OFF)

01 - 31 March/2019

Stage 3 - USD 0,03 (70% OFF)

01 - 30 April - 15 March/2019

Stage 4 - US $ 0,05 (50% OFF)

01 - 31 May/2019

Stage 5 - USD 0,07 (30% OFF)

01 - 30 June/2019

Stage 6 - US $ 0,09 (10% OFF)

01 - 31 July/2019

Stage 7 - US $ 0,10

After the ICO, we will begin accepting tokens for some premium features worth $ .50 per token. This means that if a report costs $ 5.00, you can buy it with 10 tokens. This will help position the value of the token within our platform and will serve as a basis for our partners to define the value of the token also on their platforms.


Q2 & Q3 - 2017

Kickoff DriveOn 

We entered the acceleration of Darwin Startups and its corporate partners B3, CNseg par, Neoway and RTM. We started the partnership with HARMAN KARDON Brasil. Access to the largest auto insurers in the country to understand the UBI scenario


Market: participation in the eighth achievement and market understanding on the global trend of insurance based on use and understanding about the blockchain's performance in the insurance market, treated as the largest global trend in the treatment of users' data. Pilot test with Viriato Rent-a-car. Technician: Upgrade the DriveOn telemetry platform. Kickoff of the Blockchain project through the design of the economic model of token - alpha v.0.1

Q1- 2018

Market: joining InovAtiva Brasil with access to the Federal program network and internationalization opportunity, as well as learning about the pains of the insurance market with InovAtiva's high level mentoring.
Technical: data storage & integration proof; development through the Ethereum - alpha v.0.3 platform. Development of protocol and encryption of the first data

Q2 - 2018

Market: partner with Onsurance, P2P insurer with potential user base; entry into the Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem, presentation at Oracle Open World, training with Oracle's global team on Autonomus Blockchain, an Oracle executive mentoring session.
Technical: Restructuring the technology team, Data Exchange development; transaction layer and smart contract; test with a controlled amount of users. Data storage and validation. Tokens in smart contract finalized.

Q3 - 2018

Market: joining the Autotech League, partnering with Mercedes Benz, EATON Cummins and Webmotors; investment round of the INDT (Nokia Institute of Technology); Innovation Latam Awards semi-finalist; DriveOn listed as the 39th most innovative startup in Latin America; presentation of the cryptomiles for the vertical oil and gas; the use of the token for the insurance brokerage chain in the CQCS.

Q4 - 2018 / Q1 & Q2 - 2019

Introducing the utility token in the Insurtech Innovation 2018 and Blockchain Summit 2018.
Team Expansion: Data Scientists and Developers. ICO: launch of the sale of tokens and Integration of payment channels.

Q3 - 2019

Delivery of dongles to taxpayers at home. Beginning of taxpayer driving data collection. Launch of the platform with premium features and DriveOn application delivery beta version 2.0

Q4 - 2019

Expansion of partnerships in Brazil (fuel networks, auto parts networks, dealer networks, assemblers, insurance companies, rental companies, among others) through the network of corporate partners and the Oracle network.

Q1 & Q2 - 2020

Expanding to North America: hiring business managers for offices in Toronto, San Francisco and Miami
Expansion for Europe: office in Lisbon

We used the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain

DriveOn is part of the Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem and the data collected by our platform is saved in the latest solution: Oracle Cloud Autonomous Blockchain. We utilize the strongest features of Oracle's cloud platform, distributed solutions, transparency and security.

Companies like CargoSmart, Arab Jordan Investment Bank, Certified Origins, Intelipost, Indian Oil, MTO, Nigeria Customs, Neurosoft, Solar Site Design, Sofbang and TradeFin already use Oracle Blockchain Service Cloud.


Join the first ICO and the most promising mobility in Latin America!

DriveOn is working in partnership with HARMAN BRASIL, adding blockchain to HARMAN customers and allowing them, in addition to the traceability recorded in the blockchain, the opportunity to generate Cryptomiles tokens through the hardware embedded in the vehicles of some of the largest automakers in the country.

HARMAN is the market leader in connected car solutions for vehicle manufacturers around the world. HARMAN's innovative and highly integrated inflatable technologies offer vehicle manufacturers the most complete range of connectivity solutions between devices, as well as other technologies that provide a dynamic transport experience for an increasingly connected world.

HARMAN is proud to work with some of the
of the world's most innovative car.

And we at DriveOn are proud to work with HARMAN BRASIL.

Token distribution structure


50% Pre-sale & ICO

20% Community Rewards

10% Founders & Team

10% Platform growth

10% Company reservation


40% Development

20% Operation

20% Marketing

10% Admin & Legal

10% Founders, Team, Advisors & Bounty

Token Information

Ticker: CML
Tipo de Token: ERC20
ICO Token PrIce: 1 CML = 0.10 USD

Total Tokens : 650.000.000

For  sale: 50%

Payment: Ethereum (ETH)

Minimum Buy: 0,1 ETH 

Maximum Buy: 10 ETH

Tokens not sold in the previous rounds will be moved to the next round. In case of token exhaustion in the current round, the sale of the token will automatically go to the next round. The closing date for sales of Cryptomiles tokens will be April 31, 2019.


Address for the purchase of Cryptomiles tokens:
Only transactions of people registered in KYC will be accepted.


Expedito Belmont

Founder & CEO

Developer Blockchain, a specialist in Internet of Things at the University of California, San Diego and an expert in Big Data, Expedito was a partner of Dimensional IT, developing projects for Coca-Cola, LG and Harman Kardon, also CTO of the Free Zone Superintendence of Manaus - SUFRAMA, as well as IT manager of the Municipal Health Secretariat of Amazonas - SEMSA, and led technology teams at NOKIA and Samsung.

Marcio Pessoa

Co-founder & CMO

Master's degree in the Lusofona University of Humanities and Technology, MBA in Management and Specialist in Marketing and Publicity Creation, Márcio has already developed communication materials for clients such as UNICEF and INCRA, he was a marketing manager at UniNorte Laureate International Universities, he was creative in several agencies, he was a partner at Quase Mil Marketing and a partner at BrainBrands, he was also a business advisor at SEBRAE / PR.

Rodrigo Bezerra

Co-founder & CTO

Software Engineer by the Federal University of Amazonas, Software Developer with extensive experience, enthusiastic and Blockchain developer with solid knowledge in Solidity, Rodrigo is also Computer Forensics Researcher and technical coordinator of SIDIA- Samsung R & D Institute of Amazonia. He has worked with teams developing international projects at BENQ, Nokia, Samsung and Intera (western Digital).


Paula Oliveira

CFO & Governance

Technologist in Data Processing at the State University of Amazonas, researcher at the Institute of Innovation, Research and Scientific and Technological Development of Amazonas - IPDEC, and at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. Experience in Corporate Governance and participated in the acceleration of the federal program of startups InovAtiva Brazil.

Priscila Paganini


Graduated in Pedagogy from Universidade Paulista and Senior Manager of Seduc Intec, he has experience in the area of Education and New Educational Technologies, has a degree from Brainbrands Comunicação and ISE CL as Community Manager. Graduated in Social Media for Three Points Brazil, and was a student of the Nanodregree of the Digital Marketing Udacity.

Dayvison Lemos

Software engineer

Developer Blockchain, Physicist at the Federal University of Amazonas, works as Software Engineer at ContaAzul, with passages by Softplan Planning and Systems, as an Implementing Analyst, and at the Paulo Feitoza Foundation - FPF, as Senior Systems Analyst. He also had a degree as a Developer in the CCE Group.

Carlos Augusto

VP Eletronics 

Blockchain develop, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG, Master in Electrical Engineering from UNICAMP and graduated from the Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM, in partnership with the University of Stuttgart, is a speaker and electronic circuit researcher and enthusiast in Cryptocurrency.

Tiago Moura

Hardware Innovation

PhD in Microelectronics and Microsystems from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG, he was an innovation specialist at SENAI - Institute of Innovation in Microelectronics, he worked as a systems engineer and currently works as a product specialist at BESI Semiconductors in Singapore

Carlos Junior

Hardware Engineer

PhD in Informatics from the Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM and Master in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG. He is an Innovation Analyst at the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Microelectronics. Has consensus expertise in multi-agent systems for applications in robotic vehicles.

Carlos Vamberto

Backend Developer

Intera Software Engineer, with passages by FPF and, Carlos is a .NET Software Architect, .NET Programmer Analyst, Software Development Consultant, University Professor, Training Center Teacher, IT Manager and Lead Developer. Projects. Specializations: MBA in Project Management by IDAAM.

Ygor Gomes

Devops Sênior

Devops at Intera Tecnologia, Ygor has extensive experience in Web & Mobile development, working on both IOS and Android solutions. He was IT supervisor at HollidayIn Manaus and has a specialization at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and the Lutheran University Center in Manaus.

Marcelo Almeida

Software Engineer

Developer Blockchain. Software Engineer at Harman Kardon Brazil, Marcelo has more than 12 years of experience in technology projects, acting as project leader at Transire, at Ramo Sistemas, Instituto Tryad System, Sony, LG and Samsung SDI. He has expertise in Artificial Intelligence, working on DriveOn's Machine Learning.

Aline Marques

Head of Community

Aline is a specialist in ICO, ERC-20 portfolio solvers, ICO researcher, cryptographic and commercial content producer, ICO communications and support expert, cryptocoin investor, and blockchain enthusiast.

Juliana Siqueira

Digital Marketing 

Designer by UFAM with updates on Digital Strategies by ESPM and UX & WEB by Udemy, Juliana acts as Digital Marketing Analyst in the Communication Department of UFAM. It has passes through the Calderaro Network of Communication and Fast Temaki.

Mark Duck

Head of Design

Industrial Designer (Design) with qualification in Visual Programming, graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, with 15 years of experience in: Branding, DesignPromocional, Packaging Design, Web Design and Mobile Design Interfaces. Director of Duck Design with passages by agencies such as Brainbrands, SAAC, Servopa and Stuff and Design projects for DigiData, Buscatech and Pollysoft.

Marcus Pessoa

Head of Social Media

Graduated in Design from FUCAPI and Master of Design from the Politecnico di Milano University, Marcus is the creator of the portal No Amazonas é Assim, one of the most visited entertainment and information sites in the north. Marcus has been working for more than 10 years with social networks, serving several clients in various regions of the country, such as Shopping Lar Center Mandacaru in Maringá.

Sérgio Suzuki


SafeCar's commercial manager and with almost 25 years of experience in the automotive segment, he passed through automotive accessories companies such as ALPINE do Brasil, ATW Motorsport, HURRICANE, GARMIN Brasil and Ten11 Technology, being responsible for OEM accounts for companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW , Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo, Land Rover, VW, FIAT, Renaut and Jaguar

Abel Dias


An executive with more than 17 years of professional experience in Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management, Partner-Director of O2O Bots, he was Insurance and Risk Manager at LATAM Airlines, Reinsurance and Cosseguro Manager at Swiss Re and Mitsui Sumitomo, as well as Reinsurance Manager at MAPFRE. He also had tickets for Yasuda Seguros and Unibanco as Actuário.

Roberto Lago


He holds a MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV, MBE in Actuarial and Financial Management from FIPECAFI USP, and more than 25 years of experience in Product Development and Risk Management. He was Technical Director at MAPFRE Brasil and is currently manager and Actuarial consultant at Lake Actuarial Consulting and Business.


Flávio Sakai

Mobility Advisor

He is an engineer with extensive experience in the automotive segment. He is Marketing and Sales Director of Harman do Brasil, with expertise in connected cars and infortainment with connected services. He was National Manager of Continental Automotive Systems

Marcos Buson

Telemetry Advisor 

Master in Industrial Engineering with PhD started in the area of Sustainable Business Models for startups. Serial entrepreneur, founded more than a dozen companies, among them Lamparina, Lectron, Prax and Pinmypet, the latter accelerated by 500 Startups and currently Director of New Business of Darwin Startups. It has extensive experience in traceability, developing more than 100 products for large companies, this ones Parks, Ztec, Audaces and Autotrac.

Marcello Magalhães

Communication Advisor

Master of Design and Innovation from the Illinois Institute of Technology and Master of Communications from USP, he was CSO from Leo Burnett, VP of Planning at Leo Burnet Tailor Made, Head of Planning at Ogilvy, as well as from FCB Brazil. BBH Group. He had tickets for Y & R Brands and Lowe Lintas.

Felipe Matos

Business Advisor

National and international reference in technological entrepreneurship and startups. The initiatives he founded and led have already supported more than 10,000 startups and attracted over R $ 600 million in investments. He founded Startup Farm, was COO of Start-Up Brasil and co-founder of Instituto Inovação, Inventta and Inseed Investimentos. He is currently the VP of Dynamo and Head of the 10k Startups.

Marcos Mueller

Governance Advisor

CEO of Darwin Starter, has been business developer for CVentures and regional manager for Endeavor. He was also a Business Analyst at the CERTI Foundation, with a visit to Spaiens Parque S / A. His career has always had the objective of enhancing the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Florianópolis, helping the development of several startups.

José Prado

Insurtech Advisor

CEO of Insurtech Brasil, founder of Conextech Fintech, director of ABFintech (Brazilian Association of Fintech) and content curator of the Agenda Fintech, José Prado has been an activist in the Brazilian scenario with a clear objective to strengthen the ecosystem of Fintechs and Insurtechs. It has fostered the main events of these two segments in the country.

Altigran Silva

Big Data Advisor

PhD in Computer Science, he is a researcher and professor with expertise in Data Management, Data Mining and Information Retrieval, with emphasis on the Web environment and Social Media. He is the co-founder of Akwan Information Technologies, acquired by Google Inc. in 2005, and of, the leading information technology company for e-commerce in Brazil, acquired in 2015 by Linx Systems. In 2015, he won the "Google Research Awards in Latin America".

Edileno Moura

Big Data Advisor

PhD in Computer Science, he co-founded with Altigran Akwan, a company transformed into Google's research center in Brazil. He also founded Zunnit, which works on the development of referral systems, and Neemu, the largest e-commerce query processor in Brazil. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and worked with CNPq, Startup Brasil and the World Wide Web Conference.

Lucas Cardeal

Blockchain & ICO Advisor

Entrepreneur more than 10 years old, passionate about technology, design and architecture, cryptomedonian evangelist and Blockchain technology. Founder of Platform Monday, seeks to use block technology to solve people's problems.

Jeferson Gonçalves

Telecom Advisor

Executive of Innovation and New Business Development at OI S.A., being Vertical Leader of IoT and responsible for prospecting new business for energy efficiency, connected car and industry 4.0

Rafael Steinfeld

Legal Advisor

Lawyer, Tax Law Specialist, founding partner of Steinfeld Law Firm, CEO of Bitwolf, investor and cryptomaniac enthusiast. Member of the Digital Law and Compliance Committee of OAB / SP - Jabaquara and Coordinator of Blockbain Committee of AB2L - Brazilian Association of Lawtechs and Legaltechs.

Amanda Lima

Legal Advisor

Lawyer with a degree in business law & innovation law. Consultant for business rules in Blockchain and cryptomoedas. Professor at INSPER, CESUSC, UNIFOR and CERS. Vice President of the Innovation Law Commission and Startups of OAB / RN. Leader of the AB2L national legislation working group. Creator and Producer of content on innovation and legal routine at

Rodrigo Ventura

Blockchain & ICO Advisor

Founder and CEO of 88 Insurtech. He is also an INSPER mentor. He was the managing director of KPMG Brasil and director of innovation for SISTRAN. He holds a master's degree with research in Blockchain and crypto-coins by the University of Nicosia. Rodrigo is a frequent investor in cryptocoins and a big blockchain tech enthusiast.

Lorenzo Vallone

International Business Advisor

Co-Founder from Xennial Digital and with more than 25 years in digital marketing and business development. Lorenzo holds an MBA in International Business from The Johns Hopkins University and specialization from Cornell University. Lorenzo is also CTO from Mirum Miami.

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